Saturday, August 25, 2007


From: (Lauhanen Rauli)
Subject: Cunt-rag
Date: 31 Jan 1995 17:31:03 GMT
Summary: Why not Kleenex ?
Keywords: Cunt`s, Their rags, Their smell, Punishment, Bible, Anal thunder.

I wonder how usual is this habit around world. The thing I'm talking about is "vittu-ratti". It's popular here in Finland especially among women in countryside. Vittu-ratti is used to clean cunt after their twat has been washed or processed any other way. I was quite impressed to saw one in my friends SO's bathroom last weekend. And that cunt was _so_ raunchy that she even haven`t tried to hide it by any means. Stupid cunt. Anyway, that rag gave me the best wank for months, not to mention her increased probability to get pregnant now. What ever will happen, I'm proud and happy I did that, because if somebody is _this_ stupid she deserves to be surprised in a most humidiating way.

Now, are only finnish women this tasteless, or is this maybe a global habit, exposing that almost every woman in this planet is a stupid cunt in a need of a violent spanking ? I'm interested about this phenomena only among white race. Dagos, spics and niggers can wipe their cunt anyway they like.

Rauli ?
Rauli Lauhanen

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